Where to Go When

One of the most common questions we hear is when is a good time to lead a retreat to …? Deciding when to lead a retreat can be just a crucial a choice as where. Trip Tribe offers curated destinations around the globe, but for some locations, there are better times to visit than others. You may have wondered, when is the best time to visit Costa Rica, Bali or Peru? We’re here to help shed a little light.

The Tropics

The tropics are locations where temperatures remain relatively warm throughout the year consistently, technically within 23°26′ of latitude north or south of the equator. Because of their stable weather conditions, these are great places to visit any time of year. But there are some really special seasons you might not want to miss! 

Off the East Coast of Mexico, including in destinations like Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun, enormous whale sharks can be spotted from May to September. You can even book a snorkeling adventure to swim alongside these gentle giants — the world’s largest fish! 

On the opposite coast along Mexico’s Pacific, Whale watching is a favorite activity for many visitors. Guests traveling to Sayulita, San Francisco and Cabo San Lucas from mid-December through March have a chance to see majestic humpback whales swimming and breaching during a whale watching tour.

In Costa Rica along the Pacific coast, you’ll get a chance to see two species of Sea Turtles nesting. From July to November Olive Ridley turtles make their way ashore to build their nests and lay their eggs. For Leatherbacks, nesting season is September to March. Check out destinations in Esterillos Estes, Canafistula, for this unique opportunity!

Southeast Asia

Like many parts of the world, Southeast Asia has a wet and a dry season. Though temperatures are warm and welcoming year round, you’re more likely to spot a few rain clouds during your vacation if you travel during the wet months of the year. 

For Thailand, rainy season is from August to October, but while you may not return home with a tan if you choose to travel during these months, there is always Thai cuisine, markets to explore and Thai massages to get.

While Bali is a popular destination year-round due to the beautiful beaches and warm weather at any time of year, you’ll find more rainy days between October and April. No matter the weather, you’ll be able to explore the island’s beautiful temples, bustling markets and enchanting monkey forest.

Adventure Treks

Has it been your dream to be on top of the world, to hike your way through some of the most beautiful landscape the planet can offer, to breathe heavy with exertion and swell with accomplishment?

Maybe the spiritual awakening of following in the footsteps of so many who have come before along the Inca Trail to the beauty of Machu Picchu is the next step in your journey. The Peruvian government strictly controls access to the trail and issues only a limited number of permits to hikers each season. The trail is closed during the month of February for maintenance, May to September is the dry season when the trail is best for hiking.

Perhaps the picturesque high meadows and quaint mountain villages along the Mont Blanc route through Europe is more your style. The trail opens for the season when the snow melts and closes once temperatures begin to drop, mid-June until mid-September, but with unpredictable weather you may wish to book your trek during peak season of July and August, but accommodation goes fast, so make sure you plan your trip well ahead.

European Highlights

The Greek islands are as stunning a destination as there is on Earth. You can soak in the warm hospitality and marvel at the opportunity to find yourself at the seat of so much history. Just keep in mind, the season in these islands is remarkably short. Many resorts are only open from June through September and even those must be accessed by ferryboats that operate during a limited timeframe. Keep these in mind as you plan your next vacation to the Greek Cyclades.

Many are drawn to the natural wonders of Iceland, with black sand beaches, thermal baths, breathtaking waterfalls and arresting landscapes, it’s no wonder this destination has seen such an influx of travelers. But when is the best time to go? Summer months afford warmer temperatures for hikers looking to explore the island, but this is also coupled with midnight sun — so bring your sleep mask! Winters can be absolutely brutal with little sunlight and early snow, but they also offer the best chance at spotting the Northern Lights. Consider a “shoulder” season trip in Spring or Fall for temperatures that are somewhat warmer and a better chance at spotting the aurora borealis.

High Season vs. Low Season

There is one thing you should note about seasonality in travel. Most often high season, or the most desirable time to travel to a destination will mean higher costs, lower availability and more crowds. If you’re looking to explore a destination, save a little money and get the place all to yourself, consider traveling to a given spot during the off season.

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