Why Lead a 2019 Retreat?

Leading a retreat is a dream for many yoga and fitness professionals. Who wouldn’t want to share their passion and skill in an incredible setting? There are myriad benefits that come with hosting a retreat for you, your students and your business. This is the year to make the dream a reality!

Connect with your students

Leading a retreat affords you the opportunity to better get to know your clients in a more relaxed setting — and for them to get to know you. It is these types of connections that keep clients coming in week after week and following instructors from studio to studio. The immersive experience innate to a retreat allows clients to “live the life” on a daily basis and better integrate their practice into their daily lives when they come home.

Expand your client base

Retreat guests often do not travel alone. They want to bring their spouses, friends and family along with them on their amazing adventure. This automatically turns any retreat attendee into an evangelist for you and your brand. It also serves as great opportunity for you to gain new clientele. People joining your retreat who have never set foot in your studio may become longtime devotees after spending a week with you in paradise.

Set yourself apart

Unfortunately these days, many clients have come to see health and wellness services as an interchangeable commodity. Providing a unique offering like a retreat may help you to stand out from the crowd of other studios and instructors in the neighborhood. With the immersive nature of a retreat, each one can be programmed with a unique flair for an individual instructor’s philosophy, serving as an opportunity to demonstrate a distinct perspective.

Earn rewards

Of course, hosting a retreat is also good for your business as a source of revenue. (And when you work with Trip Tribe, we ensure you earn money on every guest.) Diversifying your avenues of income is one way to keep your business healthy. A retreat can be a great way to supplement your income substantially and expand your offerings to clients.

Travel the world

Travel can lead to transformative eye-opening experiences and genuine personal growth — not just for your clients but also for you. Traveling requires us to step out of our comfort zones, challenge our preconceptions and relish the unfamiliar. Experiencing new cultures asks us to reexamine our own personal norms, slow down and take in our surroundings which can be deeply rewarding for instructors and students alike.

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