What to Look for in a Retreat Location

What makes a great venue for a retreat? Is this one too rustic? Or is that one too expensive? How far is too far? Choosing a location for your 2020 retreat can feel like an endless tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Here are our top tips on finding a location that is just right.

Location Location Location

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Jungle

Where in the world should you go? There are so many things to consider when selecting your next retreat destination. What time of year will you be traveling and what will the weather be like? Is it rainy season or is it high season when destinations are more crowded and prices are higher too? Would your clients prefer a bustling beach town or a serene mountain retreat? Where will you and your guests fly into and how much are flights from your hometown? How far is the retreat center from the closest international airport? Would your guests be comfortable taking a small prop plane or long ferry ride to reach a remote retreat? These considerations can make or break a trip for a retreat leader and their guests whether it’s beachside bliss in Bali or mountainside serenity in Costa Rica.

Retreat Must Have List

Mexico Beach Yoga Retreat

Evaluate what is on your guests’ “must have list”. Would they be devastated if the wifi were slow and spotty? Or would this give them an opportunity to unplug, rewind and relax? Would they be soothed by the sights and sounds of their natural surroundings in the jungle? Or would they faint at the site of a jungle tree frog? It’s critical whatever destination you choose be a match with your guests expectations for level of comfort. Maybe they’ve been dreaming of Margaritas and Mandalas in Mexico? You know your guests best, so decide if pushing their boundaries is the best course of action or if staying in their comfort zone will bring you greater success.

Destination Curation

Bali Yoga Retreat Studio

All of Trip Tribe’s locations are curated destinations chosen for their suitability for retreats. We’ve worked with many of our retreat destinations for years and have developed long-standing relationships with them as our trusted partners. When we screen destinations for inclusion in our network of venues, we look at a number of factors, including their reputation, their responsiveness, their facilities, their services and all the fine print that comes with hosting a retreat. These are important factors in your experience as a leader and that of your guests during the course of your retreat — something to keep in mind when selecting your next destination. When using our site, you can search and filter destinations by location, amenities, distance to airport, meals etc. so you can find the right fit for you.

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