What Buys Happiness? (Hint: It’s not a TV)

6868170247_0c9c59fe97The happiness research team from Harvard and University of British Columbia is at it again with more findings on what buys happiness. More income only increases your happiness up to a point and that level is probably not as high as you’d think. In the US, general happiness increases slightly as your salary approaches $75,000. Above that level of comfort, there is essentially no measurable difference in happiness levels.

Most important, though, is their findings on how what types of spending make you happier. As we’ve known all along, it’s about the vacations and traveling:

“A decade of research has demonstrated that if you insist on spending money on yourself, you should shift from buying stuff (TVs and cars) to experiences (trips and special evenings out).”

Have you ever bought an electronics product or a designer outfit that you liked better than a vacation? We sure haven’t.