The travel element that matters most

We love to get inspired by anything related to travel – photos, stories, quotes, and videos. It’s all motivating to get out there and visit these places firsthand. Quora is one of the great places to get deep insights into travel experiences. One that recently caught my eye asked sailors what their experience was like crossing the Atlantic.

And then there are lists. We all love lists. This recent Quora question asked: “What are your top 10 experiences while traveling?”  Of course, you’ll see plenty of great photos and stories about destinations.

The most compelling answers, though, were these:

  • “I really believe a place or a country is really about the people, and hence I attach the most importance to meeting people while I’m traveling.”
  • “Honestly, most of my absolute favourite travel experiences have to do with the incredible people I’ve met EVERYWHERE I go. The biggest thing that travel has taught me is that people, generally speaking, are kind and good and wonderful.”

friends: they are beautiful :)

Truly life-changing travel experiences are always about the people.