Travel Blog Spotlight: The Yum Yum Foodie

“…guys I’m hung over as hell and there was an earthquake this morning so I’m going to make this quick. Here are the highlights from my recent trip to Dallas.”

So begins the most recent post on The Yum Yum Foodie, one of the more entertaining, honest, and mouth watering-inducing blogs to take on the travel foodie genre.

Did we say honest? As he says in his bio, creator Eddie Zamora — also an actor, singer, and aficionado of the perfect cup of Cuban coffee — began the blog because he gets “paid to travel around the country and I happen to eat a lot while I do it. I might as well write about it.”

Fair enough.

We sat down with Eddie to ask him about his blog, his influences, and his best and worst places to visit.

    Trip Tribe: What motivated you to start your blog?

    The Yum Yum Foodie:

    Pardon The Punctuation…

    Because I travel so much, friends of mine were always asking my advice on where to go and what to eat and drink. My wife suggested I write a blog so that friends didn’t have to call me, they could just look it up online. Also I hate to see people waste their money on crappy travel, food, wine, etc.. This gave me a forum to express my honest opinion. The blog also allows me to keep my integrity…lets just say I’ve been approached by some companies to be sponsored by them. Some big companies. I’ve turned them down because I will only promote a product I sincerely believe in. It’s very liberating to be your own boss in that sense. I’m not opposed to sponsorship it just has to be the right fit.


    TT: How does food fit in with great travel experiences?

    TYYF: My favorite memories from a trip aren’t the paintings in the museum that I saw. It’s the croquette I had in a quiet little street of the gothic neighborhood in Barcelona…it’s the grilled fish I had on the beach in Bora Bora…stuff like that. I can walk into a restaurant and a smell from the kitchen can transport me back to a travel experience. Also, food is one of the best ways to learn about a culture.


    TT: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

    TYYF: I’ve never eaten any insects, sooooooo I’m not into the strange food thing. I”ll go with a strange experience I had at a restaurant. Houstons restaurant on Miracle Mile in Miami served me raw chicken one time… yup raw. Like sushi raw. No one apologized for it… they just asked me if I wanted something else. I said no as I was grossed out by the whole experience and a burger came in it’s place. Then they over charged me for the burger I didn’t want in the first place…. let’s just say I never recommend Houstons. In fact, I haven’t been back since and this was probably 12 years ago. Friends will try to get me to go when I’m visiting Miami and I’ll just pour them a nice tall glass of eff off. 🙂


    TT: Favorite trip. Go.

    TYYF: Bora Bora. Went.

    OK that’s way too easy. The worst thing about visiting Bora Bora is that you spend the rest of your life trying to get back there. Went there for my honeymoon and we had to stay at the hotel where they shot the film “Couples Retreat.” The whole place looks like a screen saver.


    TT: Describe yourself in six words.

    TYYF: Fat Kid Inside Dying To Get Out. I know it’s seven words…sue me. 🙂

About Eddie Zamora

“Lover of food, wine, and travel. This is where I share my adventures with people from around the world. Lets learn to curate memories.” #VidaFoodie

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Eddie received inspiration from his parents Antonio, a successful jazz drummer and Eva, a life-long pianist who both fled the island of Cuba for a better life at the age of 18. By the age of six he began playing the piano and vocal training, which led him to perform on stage at Coral Gables Senior High School and major in Theatre at Florida International University.

After college, he was hired as one of the hosts on an interactive Latino oriented talk show “Chat” on NBC Mun2. This international exposure to the Latino community inspired him to always keep his Latin heritage close to heart and never forget his roots. A year later he was inspired to pick up and move across the country from Miami, Florida to sunny Los Angeles, California.

In Los Angeles is where he was bitten by the cooking and foodie bug. For past seven years he’s travelled the globe in search of foods, tastes, and places that move him. TheYumYumFoodie is a blog that was created to share all of these wonderful and not so wonderful experiences in his culinary life.

His Latin passion and heritage are what inspires him to share foodie life or #VidaFoodie with the world. Along with his wife Yisbel and his dog Indiana “Indie” Jones, he will continue to bring an honest “No holds barred” approach to life. Lastly, he will always honor his parents’ example of perseverance and passion by going through life with only one motto: “I can: