Travel Blog Spotlight: Peanuts or Pretzels

From traipsing across Cambodia to discovering the best lunch in Cancun to Geocaching (see below), Liz and Josh dabble in just about every kind of travel. But the best thing about their endeavors? They just really seem to love everything they do. Enter Peanuts or Pretzels, not only a collection of stories and experiences from their travels, but also a reference for travel tips, resources, charity work, and, yes, things to know about Geochaching.

We spoke to them about their blog and how they manage to have so much darn fun.

    The Trip Tribe: Geocaching. What? Why? Where? How?

    Peanuts or Pretzels: Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game. Geocachers use a GPS (we are fans of the Garmin) to navigate to a set of GPS coordinates, and then attempt to find the Geocache (container) that’s hidden at the location. It’s amazing because Geocaches can be found all over the world! Many “caches” are hidden in locations that are important to people, have historical significance, or are just pretty cool places. We enjoy Geocaching when we travel because it gives us a unique way to experience a destination. Often times we are taken off the main tourist path and are able to discover our own adventure. Because of Geocaching, we have seen things we never planned to see, and met some pretty amazing locals!

    Geocaching in Playa del Carmen
    Geocaching in Playa del Carmen

    TTT: You guys look like you have so much fun doing any/everything. Is there a particular mindset or rule or strategy around how you plan your trips?

    PoP: Well, you can sum it up this way: We don’t say “no” to much of anything. Life is uncertain and we just want to experience everything that we can. Plus we really enjoy such a wide variety of activities, so we really can find the “fun” in just about anything. It helps that we both have a positive outlook and humorous personality, so we can still joke about moments that don’t go our way!

    Sometimes that makes it difficult to narrow down our itineraries. Usually there is not enough time for us to do all the things that we want to do. So we do our best to prioritize and compromise with each other. But, we always leave room in the itinerary for spontaneous adventure. Often times, the unplanned moments lead to the best memories.

    Caving in Mexico
    Caving in Mexico

    TTT: On your blog you say that you want to help readers discover their love for travel and inspire future trips. What do you think is the biggest thing that holds people back from traveling?

    PoP: We think it’s a combination. For the most part, people seem to think that you need to have a lot of money to travel. And that’s not necessarily true. There are very affordable types of travel. Beyond that, we believe that many people fear stepping outside of their comfort zones. They think other countries are unsafe, or they worry about the food or language barrier.

    So our best piece of advice is just to do it. Pick a destination, a date, and make a savings plan (we recommend having a separate bank account to save for travel). Then book your trip and go. We really believe that making the decision to go can be the hardest part. But once a person goes, they will usually think, “why did I wait so long?”

    TTT: What, besides your own, is your favorite blog?

    PoP: Well, we really enjoy a number of travel blogs, but lately, we are reading a lot from Goats On The Road. We have a lot in common with this traveling couple, so we feel like we are kindred spirits! A lot of what they have done over the last couple years are things that we aspire to do quite soon. So reading their blog has helped us with great information to plan some of our upcoming adventures. We also admire the way they have transformed their blog over the last couple years into a brand and a business.

    TTT: Describe yourselves in six words.

    PoP: Funny, Adventurous, Curious, Happy, Friendly, Helpful

Batu Caves, Malaysia
Batu Caves, Malaysia

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