Travel Blog Spotlight: La Carmina

With big doe eyes blinking seemingly innocently under an outrageous head of brightly colored hair, La Carmina is anything but shy… and every bit of intriguing as she appears to be. The 20-something blogger, TV host, author, producer, and overall world traveler just about does it all — from seeking out the world’s greatest Goth sights, to bringing intriguing places right into your home via your television.

La Carmina, travel TV host, gothic blogger

We asked La Carmina about some of her favorite stories, her fascination with Goth destinations, and how she culturally tweaks her style wherever she goes.

    The Trip Tribe: You have a bit of a goth-theme in your travel coverage. Is there some sort of particularly similar thread that runs through the goth culture on a worldwide level that drives people to travel to experience it?

    La Carmina: Some travelers aim to see World War II ruins, or UNESCO heritage sites… Similarly, Goths have a worldwide travel bucket list! For many of my friends, this includes Wave Gotik Treffen (the world’s biggest Goth festival, held yearly in Leipzig), Whitby Gothic Weekend (UK), Tokyo (home to Gothic Lolitas and dark culture), New Orleans, Prague, and Vlad’s castle in Romania. I’ve been to many of these haunts, but still have more on my wish list. It’s fantastic that no matter what your interests are, there are places around the globe for you to experience.

    La Carmina, travel TV host, gothic blogger

    TTT: What are some of your more favorite stories or features that you’ve done?

    LC: My reports on extreme body modifications, like eyeball tattooing and “bagel heads”, have gotten huge reactions all around the world. I even hosted and arranged multiple TV shows about body mods and the underground scene, including several in Japan. However, on a personal level, I loved taking part in Day of the Dead in Mexico, and shooting a three-part series about it with my filmmakers. I also blogged about our adventures in Eastern Europe — the floating bars of Serbia, ruin pubs in Budapest, and quirky culture in Croatia are fond memories.

    La Carmina, travel TV host, gothic blogger

    TTT: Your look and style is exceptionally unique and potentially risqué in some more conservative cultures. Have you ever received comments (good or bad) on your style? What and where were they?

    LC: I modify my style, while staying true to it, depending on where I go. I think it’s important to be yourself while respecting the local culture. For example, when I was in Abu Dhabi, I wore a long lace skirt and veil, but styled it in my characteristic way.

    La Carmina, travel TV host, gothic blogger

    TTT: What are some of your favorite blogs?

    LC: I write for Huffington Post and Business Insider, and always enjoy browsing the blogs on these two sites.


    TTT: Describe yourself in 6 words.

    LC: Spooky cute traveler, storyteller, cat-mama.

La Carmina, travel TV host, gothic blogger

About La Carmina

La Carmina is a 20-something female travel TV host and blogger who you may have seen on TV networks like Travel Channel, National Geographic, and Food Network. She co-hosted the Japan episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and has a travel video series published by Business Insider. In addition to her on-screen work, she also produces television shows through La Carmina & The Pirates. She’s the author of three books, including one about Japanese theme restaurants (for Random House) and cute bento recipes (for Penguin Books) and she has written about travel for many publications, including Sunday Times UK Magazine, CNN Travel, and Hong Kong Express Airways.

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