Top 5 Places to Take Your Yoga Practice Outside The Studio

yoga 1st pic Engulfed by mountains, surrounded by magnificent redwoods, and eaten up by lush rainforests, we have found you the top 5 locations to take your yoga practice outside the studio and into the open air!

This is part 2 of our Top 5 series where we look at the activities our members are in to and find AMAZING destinations for them to take part in (part one can be found here).

The Great Redwoods

red-woods-yoga Containing the tallest and one of the most massive species of trees on earth, the California Redwood park system will transcend your practice with its ego-shattering immensity. While Redwood National Park may be a bit far for a day trip (5 hours from San Francisco by car) there are plenty of local Giant Sequoia forests to give inspiration to your next Tree Pose.

India’s Goa

goa-yoga In a country associated with the birth of yoga, Goa is a true bucket list destination for yogis and yoginis alike. This longtime landing spot for ex-pats has made it’s name with a permeating hippie ethos and famed natural beaches. The slower pace of life allows for mindfulness to continue well after leaving your mat.

The Costa Rican Rainforest

costa-rica-yoga Few will disagree that the Costa Rican rainforest is a breathtakingly zen spot stirring with life and energy. Lake Arenal offers sweeping views of lush rainforest and soaring mountains off in the distance — The perfect spot to bring new meaning to your Mountain Pose.

Costa Rican Yoga Retreat

Baja California’s Beaches

baja-yoga The pristine beauty of untouched beaches are abound in the Baja peninsula just south of California. With a plethora of both rock and sand beaches this is one destination that will ignite your senses with a calm connectedness.

Your Local Park

park-yoga If the previous 4 places are unobtainable, you can always take your practice to a local park. New York, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and countless other cities across the US offer free community classes led by local instructors. Having been to a few ourselves, we can attest to this incredible way to bring your practice to a new setting.


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