Tiny Travel Essay: Manhattan Moment

  By Anonymous

Turned away from every swanky hotel bar on fifth avenue, my boyfriend and I were starting to feel like that infamous Bethlehem-bound couple on Christmas Eve. It was cold. It was snowy. It was dark. Clearly we needed a warm place with a warm — preferably potent – beverage.

So we ascended the elevator to the top of the Peninsula Hotel where the crowded rooftop lounge afforded enough room to stand — puffy coats in hand — and wait until feeling came back to our toes. It wasn’t the ideal spot I wanted to share on our first trip to New York…

…that is, until we saw the red glow from the outdoor deck that was — at this point — buried in snow. Venturing further, we saw them. Heat lamps! An umbrella! Dry chairs! We threw on our puffy coats, grabbed our drinks, and headed to the great outdoors, sipping in the holidays as the city glowed through the snow all around us. Unexpected, unconventional, unmatched… a true New York experience.