The Truth About Life

As a child, you never said: “When I grow up, I want to spend 2,500 hours every year in an office.”

Nobody wants that. Yet, most accept a lifestyle they don’t want. For many, it’s because they focus on the final destination — a distant comfortable retirement —  and not the journey.

In just two minutes, the creators of South Park – Trey Parker and Matt Stone – capture this dilemma brilliantly. Watch the video:

The lesson? Live life! Every day. Enjoy it. Dance and sing to the music; don’t wait for the last note. Naturally, daily obligations won’t let you be a full-time hedonist, since everyone must maintain an income and lifestyle. We can’t completely discard the future in favor of today. But we can enjoy this week, this month and this year and not over-emphasize some uncertain future that may not happen. Don’t put all of the eggs you have now into a future basket.

Pay attention to the musical score for your life. Each note matters, not just the finale.

Bottom line: roll down the windows today and crank up the music. If you feel like quitting your job today, let us know below what you would do instead.

NOTE: By the way, have you noticed how exceptionally talented some creative people are in their chosen art? Parker and Stone could have delivered their message in writing, but they did it in an animated cartoon.