The Reason to Go Anywhere


“Travel is a search for meaning, not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of others. The humility required for genuine travel is exactly what is missing from its opposite extreme, tourism.” – New York Times Opinionator: “Reclaiming Travel”

Why do you go anywhere? Is it for a tour bus to shuttle you through a city’s landmarks like a widget in a factory? Or is it to truly experience the destination?

Real meaning comes from the people you travel with, the people you meet, the full understanding of the way they live and how you could live there. Real travel changes you. It opens your eyes and gives you perspectives and dreams that you didn’t have when you left. It brings you a greater connection to the place you’re visiting along with a booming appetite to see more of the world. Tourists may come home with snapshots and local trinkets, but travelers come home with new meaning in their lives.

Photo by gnuckx