Retreat Marketing 101

So you’re ready to lead your next retreat. Now all you have to do is convince your clients, friends and family to join you. How do you make it a huge success? Check out some of our best advice.

Get to know your customers

One of the best ways to ensure you can successfully market your retreat starts before you’ve decided where (and when) to go. Trip Tribe advises instructors to survey students and followers before planning a retreat to ensure the retreat fits their needs. Find out what country they’d like to visit, what month they are available, what their budget range is, which amenities they can’t live without (eg. Wifi, beachfront), what level of luxury they’d expect, etc. Ensuring you’ve taken into account your guests’ needs will set you (and your retreat) up for success!

As a quick reminder, all of Trip Tribe’s locations are curated destinations, chosen for their suitability for retreats. When using our site, you can filter destinations by location, amenities, price, etc. and then launch your retreat in minutes.

Use all your resources

We also advise instructors take advantage of all the social media platforms they are on, (eg.Facebook, Instagram) to post about the retreat often, but not allow it to be the only thing you post, just sprinkled in.

Many instructors also have newsletters with lots of subscribers to whom they send dedicated emails about the retreat a few times during the course of their promotions as well as mention the retreat in their regular newsletters.

Don’t forget to announce your retreat in your classes or post flyers in your home studio. Consider also hosting a free class, info session or happy hour about the retreat to encourage people to ask questions and get to know others who might be joining.

Help clients visualize

It’s also important to include photos in your promotions from your previous retreats and of the destination you’ve selected (which you can get from your Trip Tribe trip page). In travel, visuals can make all the difference. Who wouldn’t be enticed by pictures of Bali, Costa Rica or Iceland?

If you’ve hosted retreats in the past, ask previous guests what they liked about your retreat and if they’d be willing to allow you to use their comments in your retreat promotions. If you’ve not hosted a retreat before, speak to students about what they love about your classes at home. This is also a great way to solicit feedback and ensure your guests get the most out of their retreat.

Leverage incentives

Because Trip Tribe offers an early bird discount on every trip, instructors heavily promote during the early bird period just following launch to incentivize more signups. Trip Tribe also includes a referral program that can also be helpful in getting bookers. The “Give $100, Get $100” program often gets your bookers to sign up their friends and family to join them on their adventure. Some instructors will also offer their own incentives to guests. We’ve seen instructors offer a free private session or free one month’s membership to anyone who signs up in the first month of the retreat launch. Even sweetening the deal with a t-shirt, waterbottle, or other swag can be enough of an incentive to spur guests to sign up.

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