Ready, Set, Go! Pre-Trip Checklist

We put together a quick checklist of a few things to do to be sure you’re ready for your trip! Preparing for your trip in advance will make for a smoother more worry-free vacation, and who doesn’t want that?! Ready to pack? Click here to check out our packing list!

⃞ Be sure your passport will not expire within six months of your return date
⃞ Purchase travel insurance, (World Nomads is our recommended travel insurance partner)
⃞ Provide Trip Tribe with your flight information, emergency contact and dietary restrictions
⃞ Make sure you’re up to date on any vaccinations you might need in your destination
⃞ Check to ensure you have any necessary visas

449694-banknotes-48Financial Arrangements
⃞ Exchange money for any foreign currency you’d like to bring with you
⃞ Buy travelers’ checks if you plan to use them
⃞ Set up auto pay or pre-pay any bills that may come due while you’re traveling
⃞ Call your bank and credit card issuers to tell them of your travel plans

449694-cottage-48Household Needs
⃞ Find someone to take care of your pets/plants
⃞ Stop the mail
⃞ Clean out your fridge
⃞ Empty the trash
⃞ Adjust the thermostat

⃞ Make copies of all vital documents
⃞ Print itineraries, boarding passes and confirmations
⃞ Write down any important phone numbers or contact information

⃞ Arrange for transportation to the airport
⃞ Check-in online
⃞ Set your email auto response
⃞ Check weather forecasts in your destination

Travel well.

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