Our 9 Most Instagramable Spots: Nayarit, Mexico

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Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit is a 200-mile long stretch of coastline dotted with authentic beach towns and excellent surf. With pristine beaches in abundance, there is a destination for every traveler type — whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive luxury resort or a more rustic eco-lodge experience. Wellness travelers seeking yoga retreats or fitness bootcamps will find Nayarit an ideal setting for their next vacation.

[highlight]Here are some of our favorite spots in Nayarit guaranteed to make your Instagram feed envy inducing.[/highlight]

1. The Jetty

With added drama of waves crashing into the rocks, this is an awesome spot to snap a few shots.

2. The Papel Picado

Colorful hand-cut paper banners lining this street located near the center of town make an incredible backdrop.

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3. The Sunset

Nayarit’s western facing position makes it ideal to grab a few shots as the sun slips into the Pacific.

4. These Wings

Show off your inner angel with this mural in a gallery adjoined to Pacha Mama boutique on Calle Delfin.

5. The Surf

Home to one of Mexico’s most awe-inspiring coastlines, grab your GoPro to get some action shots from this side of the breakers.

6. The locals

Don’t worry about where to find these guys, they’ll find you. And they’re super photogenic.

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7. #hammocklife

What better way to while away an afternoon than by grabbing a drink and putting up your feet?

8. The Palm Trees

Nothing says “I’m on vacation” like palm trees.

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9. The first set

Known not only for it’s amazing yoga retreats, Nayarit also boasts some of the best and most consistent surfing breaks in Mexico.

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