How to Market a Retreat

So you’ve got a date, a destination and now all you need are guests! Marketing and selling may not come naturally to you, after all your true talent and passion lies in teaching right? But in order to give your students this incredible experience and live your dream of hosting a retreat — first you must sell them on it.

Make a List
Start by creating a list of the ideal clients to attend your retreat. The good news is, most retreats don’t need more than 10 or 20 guests, so you don’t need thousands of names. Who should make it on the list? Any of your clients, class attendees, newsletter subscribers, Insta followers, friends, friends of friends and family are all fair game.

Remember this is an opportunity!
Convincing anyone do anything especially when it involves money can make everyone feel uncomfortable. Time to re-frame your thinking. This yoga retreat, fitness trip, meditation escape, pilates vacation or whatever your practice may be is gift you are sharing with your participants. Retreats are life changing opportunities for anyone who joins you. These intensive experiences allow your guests to connect with themselves, the other guests and you in a more intimate setting which can be truly transformative.

Consider a Co-leader
Why not join forces with another instructor? Perhaps they have a different teaching style than you do or maybe having an extra set of hands will give you more opportunity for one-on-one attention with your guests if you anticipate a larger group. This will also instantly double your marketing reach. Two heads are better than one!

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Selling a retreat takes commitment and focus. Not everyone is going to say yes. Just remember it’s not about you. People have time and monetary commitments that might prevent them from being able to join you. Use all the resources you have available to you, to make sure no one misses out on the opportunity to experience something that will leave them with memories and connections to last a lifetime.


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