9 Travel Hacks to Sleep Better While Traveling

We all want the same things from our vacations — relaxation, rejuvenation and of course rest. But sometimes catching some zzz’s when you’re traveling can be a challenge. Whether it’s just the excitement and energy of the day spilling over into the evening hours, or simply the unfamiliar surroundings, don’t let lack of sleep ruin your vacation.

1. Put down the phone.


While it may be tempting to hop on your phone and check in to see how everything is going back home, or to post some amazing photos from the day’s adventures, try to avoid this too close to bedtime. Light emitting devices can contribute to our bodies’ inability to get into sleep mode and it’s easy to get wrapped up and stressed out over whatever you may be missing while out of town

2. Pack some earplugs.


Unfamiliar sounds, even pleasant ones like the sound of the ocean outside your casita, can be distracting as you try to make your way to dreamland. Simple and very effective at blocking out all that unwanted noise, look for earplugs that block about 60 decibels or above to make sure you have adequate relief.

3. Meditate.


Taking a few minutes to calm and recenter yourself before slipping between the sheets can be the difference between your mind racing for hours and swiftly drifting off to sleep. Take some long deep breaths. Notice how this change in breathing alters your body’s sensations and relax any remaining tense spots. Immerse yourself in calm before you settle in for the night.

4. Pull the blinds.

Curtains Drawn

Aside from ensuring you’re not giving the neighbors a show, making your room as dark as possible will help lull you off to lalaland at the end of the day. Your body’s circadian rhythms respond to light stimuli, so ensure you get enough sun during the day as well as reducing your nighttime light exposure.

5. Bring an eyeshade.


A sleep mask can transform your sleeping experience. Not every hotel room/ hostel/ tent is equipped with blackout shades and even then, there can be a little bit of light seepage. So slap on an eyeshade and let there be dark!

6. Practice moderation.


Too much alcohol or a large meal before bed can make it hard to sleep. While indulging a bit is one of our favorite parts of vacationing, too much of a good thing can still be too much. An earlier dinner reservation and fewer glasses of wine might make the difference between tossing and turning all night and sleeping soundly.

7. Try a relaxing scent.

Lavender Scent

When packing up your dopp kit, throw in a lotion with a scent to help you calm down when you’re on the road. Applying some lavender scented lotion or other stress-busting aromatherapies as part of your nighttime routine can help you relax and unwind at the end of the day.

8. Have a cup of tea.


There’s nothing quite like the enchanting aroma of a (non-caffeinated) cup of tea  to help relax before drifting off to sleep. Stick to green or herbal teas to avoid the caffeine jolt. We like Chamomile as a classic go-to for a hot mug of winding down.

9. Take a warm shower.


At the end of a long day, a warm shower can help ease the aches and pains brought on by all the fun you’ve been having (or being stuffed into an airline seat.) The warmth can help to slow your body down before you hit the sack, but remember keep it short so you’re not getting too overheated.


Travel well.

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