7 Travel Accessory Go-To’s for Game of Thrones Characters

In honor of the season six premiere, here are the go-to travel accessories of our favorite Game of Thrones characters to add to your travel must haves. Yeah, we went there.


Sleep Mask

1. Arya –Sleep Mask

Guaranteed to keep the light out of your eyes to make sure you get your beauty rest — if you need that sort of thing.



2. Daenerys – Fireproof BagFireproof Bag

In case you encounter any fiery conundrums, the flame retardant properties this bag brings to the table could really save your bacon.


3. Tyrion – Carry On Cocktail KitCarry On Cocktail

To ensure a proper cocktail can accessed anywhere anytime be sure you pack this baby, because everything’s better with a drink!


4. Hodor – Osprey Carrier

While front carrying vs. back carrying is very much a personal decision, for those long cross-country treks this backpack carrier is a life/backsaver!


5. Cersei – Emergency PonchoEmergency Poncho

For all those unanticipated showers of filth as you walk the city streets, it’d be a shame not to keep this handy.

6. Sansa – This Travel JournalWolf Journal

If only to keep track of all the revenge you’re going to need to reap once you get home, have this close at hand.

7. Jon Snow – DNR Medic Alert BraceletDNR Bracelet

Because you never know when or where disaster may strike, you want your wishes to be honored — especially when all hope is lost.




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