6 Travel Yoga Mats for Your Next Yog-venture

Almost all the top yoga brands offer their version of a travel yoga mat these days. So what exactly is a “travel” yoga mat and how is it different than the one you use in everyday practice?

Typically, a travel mat is thinner, more lightweight and can often be folded rather than rolled for greater portability. Keep in mind, because these kinds of mats generally are thinner than your everyday mat, they may also provide less cushioning.

An alternative option for those looking to pack ultra-light, would be a multi-purpose item such as a yoga blanket or sarong which can serve as double duty.

Here are some of the current models of travel mats on the market if you’re looking to pick one up before you jet off on your next yoga retreat.


yoga retreat travel mat1. Lululemon Reversible (Un) Mat –

With an antimicrobial additive to kill off any nasty you might pick up no matter where you lay it out, the UnMat is perfect for the traveling yogi. It’s lightweight (2.32 lb) reversible, foldable design also wicks away moisture to keep contact points from sliding.




Travel Mat Yoga Retreat2. Manduka Eko Superlite™ Travel Mat –

Weighing in at a scant 2.2lbs and only 1.5 mm thick, you won’t hesitate to include the Superlite in your luggage no matter your destination. The mat’s closed cell design resists bacteria and super grippy surface will keep you from slipping even through the sweatiest of sessions.



yoga retreat travel mat3. Kulae tpECOmat –

The tpECOmat provides more padding than most travel mats at a 3mm thickness, it still easily folds for transport. With closed cell technology to fight off any microbes, it weighs less than 2lbs. so you won’t be regretting the choice to bring it along when you’re dashing between gates to catch your next flight.



yoga retreat mat travel4. Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat –

The unique design of the Gaiam foldable mat includes a grid like “perforation” on the mat’s surface to allow you to fold it up and stash it in your carry-on. At less than a pound on the scales, you can bring your practice with you — wherever you may go.



Yoga Travel Yoga Retreat Yoga Mat

5. YOGO Mat –

As a relative newcomer to the market, YOGO’s mats are created with travel in mind. The ultra-portable design includes a built-in handle with straps, foldable construction and weighs only 2.6lbs. It also can be easily rinsed in a hotel room shower if needed and hung to dry.



Yoga Retreat Yoga Mat Yoga Travel6. Khataland YoFoMat

At a luxurious ⅙” in. thick, the YoFo brings plenty of padding to the party. It includes lines to help make folding it down to a compact 12”x10” quite easy. With an included tote for easy carrying, and it’s 2.7lb weight may make this your go-to travel companion.



Editor’s note: While there are several other “travel” yoga mats on the market, we eliminated those which could not be easily folded.


Travel well.