5 Minimalist Packing Tips to Help Lighten Your Load

The unknown of travel makes us want to surround ourselves with the comfort of the familiar. But not everything can squeeze into the overhead bin. These are our favorite tips and the questions we ask ourselves as we try to leave some baggage behind — whether we’re headed to a tropical yoga retreat or to an African safari.

Choose double-duty items.

Everything you pack should be mix & match. Vibrant colors and patterns can make this difficult so look for solids and neutral tones that can be dressed up or down as the occasion may be.

Ask yourself: How many outfits can I make with this one piece?

Go digital.

E-ReaderLuddites beware, lugging around your paperbacks can seriously weigh you down. If you haven’t invested in an e-reader yet, maybe now is the time.

Ask yourself: Do I want to have to run full sprint between gates with this thing in my bag?

Double check the essentials.

If you’re so focused on which feathery boa to pack, you may well overlook a must-have. So start with the things you cannot get by without, like underwear (not that any we’ve ever forgotten that, ahem).

Ask yourself: Where the heck is my passport?!

Leave out high-value pieces.

Luxury Yoga RetreatShampoo bottles explode. Baggage handlers misplace suitcases. Stuff happens. If something you’re packing means the world to you, it might be safer just to leave it at home.

Ask yourself: Would I be devastated if this was lost/destroyed?

Forget the what-ifs.

If you’ll only use it once or if you think maybe you might need it, but only in case _____ happens, leave it at home.

Ask yourself: Is this a just-in-case item?

Travel well.


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