4 Ways Travel Can Change Your Life

4 Ways Travel Can Change Your Life

BY: Trip Tribe Staff

Travel can be among the most transformative experiences in life. Here a just a few of the ways we’ve found globetrotting has changed our lives.


You become more open.

Travelling to foreign places brings a distinct sense of “otherness.” Being surrounded by new sights, sounds, tastes, cultures and people forces you to expand your horizons.


You learn to live in the moment.

You have no idea when or if you’ll ever be able to do or see this again. You soak it up and drink it in.


You gain perspective.

You see commonality in people from an entirely different world and recognize the interconnectedness we all share.


You embrace the unexpected.

Some of the most amazing travel experiences aren’t on any itinerary. While a flight delay may not be anyone’s idea of a good time, you learn to take things as they come — and you’re better for it.


Travel well.




  • One more: it makes the world and all the people in it more real.

    An example: you’ve heard of the Eiffel Tower all your life. You’ve seen pictures of it. But somehow it is still something out of legend, with the same sheen of unreality of Middle Earth or Tatooine.

    Then you go to Paris. You see the Eiffel Tower. You touch it. You stand on the observation platform at the top. Suddenly it’s a real place.

    That applies even more to people. When you walk the streets of a foreign city surrounded by people speaking a different language with different colored skin, when you are the only person with your ethnicity in sight, suddenly those people become more real than the faces that you see on TV.

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