4 Ways Travel Can Change Your Life

4 Ways Travel Can Change Your Life BY: Trip Tribe Staff Travel can be among the most transformative experiences in life. Here a just a few of the ways we’ve found globetrotting has changed our lives.   You become more open. Travelling to foreign places brings a distinct sense of “otherness.” Being surrounded by new sights, sounds, tastes, cultures and people forces you to expand your horizons.   You learn to live in the moment. You have no idea when or if ... Continue Reading

Gear Guide: The Beach

  By Jared Hutchinson As summer begins to draw its final breaths, the idea of flip flops, bathing suits, and all other beach-bound necessities might very well be resting comfortably in the back of your head. Not so fast! Remember that New Year's beach retreat you've been dying to go on? What about your own retreat you're leading to Nicaragua in March...?! August is the perfect time to shop for beach gear. Not only will you still be able to find the things you're looking for, but ... Continue Reading

So, what do you do?

What do you do? That simple question can open up a whole can of philosophical worms that have the ability to force you to consider your own life achievements in the context of whatever social mores exist around you. Or it can simply be a question. How you choose to answer is the thing that's truly telling. Is the answer to "what do you do" related to your job? Or is it related to your hobbies? Is it the thing that pays you money? Or that which pays you in experiences? Or is it the ... Continue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Travelista Teri

When it comes to travel blogging, Teri Johnson takes it to a whole new level. Her website, Travelista Teri is less of a traditional blog and more of a network of her writing and videos from her online travel show -- Travelista TV -- both featuring a hefty smattering of fashion, food, travel tips, and guides to a variety of exotic locations. We spoke with Teri about her blog, some of her best assignments, and just how she came to be such a world travel aficionado.
    The Trip Tribe: Okay… you’ve studied wine in Italy, film in New York, and you have a certificate  of achievement from the Sorbonne. How did you come to be such a world citizen with such a variety of interests?... Continue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Alex in Wanderland

It's not the first time we've heard of 'round-the-world travel becoming the ultimate rabbit hole... But Alexandra Baackes takes it to a whole new level. In 2009 she left New York for a two-month trip, a jaunt that inspired her to embark on full-time travel in 2011. ...Three years later, she's still on the road, traveling the world as a truly global citizen. Throughout the course of her adventures, she's rediscovered solo travel (after traveling with someone for a long time), uncovered some of the world's best scuba diving spots, and has documented it all on her fabulous travel blog, Alex in Wanderland. We spoke with the author about her travels and some of the more interesting characters she's met while traipsing through her own Wanderland.
    The Trip Tribe: What was the biggest transition from traveling with someone to traveling alone?... Continue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Go, See, Write

Michael Hodson is serious about wedding toasts. He loves wind-up watches and he's received more comments on his habitually untied sneakers than just about anything else. But apparently you don't need laces to make your way across 54 countries over the course of 16 months, which is exactly what Hodson did when he said goodbye to his life as an attorney and set out on a round-the-world trip... without flying. He wrote about his journey on his blog, Go, See, Write, a collection of travel stories, blogging tips, videos, and gorgeous photos by Hodson and some rather stellar contributors. We spoke with Hodson about his blog, some of his stranger travel stories, and why he decided to forgo the plane for the road. The Trip Tribe: You were referred to us by Tracie Howe, a new blogger whose site Tracie Travels is just taking off. She mentioned that she reads your blogging tips… What was the impetus for providing tips for other bloggers?... Continue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Adventures of a Couchsurfer

When Elizabeth Bankhead decided she'd had enough of finance, she didn't do what any Joe Schmoe would do (like get a different job)... She packed up her life and took to the road with a plan to spend a year visiting the 48 contiguous states. From her escapade came her blog, Adventures of a Couchsurfer -- a combination of stories and photos from her travels. Now that she's made the trip across the states, she's turned to documenting her international journeys as well, and this is where we caught up with her to talk to her about her big trip, her current adventures, and, of course, couchsurfing.
    The Trip Tribe: You started your blog when you decided to travel around the US for a year. Did you make it to all 50 states? And did you couch surf your way across?... Continue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Edventure Project

"We decided, before we ever had kids, not to send our children to school." Say whaaa?? Or, rather, say, wow. Welcome to the Miller family: Jennifer, her husband and her four children who have all grown up living as world citizens. Their blog, Edventure Project, not only documents their travels, it comes with a hefty side of learnings and teachings they've encountered along the way. While the kids are homeschooled, their real education, as Jennifer says, comes from the incredible experiences they've had while traveling around the world. We spoke with Jennifer about some of those experiences, what it's like to travel as a family, and what happens when everyone gets homesick. Schooling-nature-journals
    The Trip Tribe: What are some of your favorite "lessons" that your kids have learned or that you have taught along the way? Edventure Project: The whole purpose for our journey, in the beginning, was the educational benefit for our children. We approach our travel looking, specifically, for the lessons that the world has to teach us, as children and adults. There have been too many to list, but among the most significant are:... Continue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Traveldudes

For Travelers, By Travelers... That's the name of the game for Traveldudes, a website that collects stories and first-hand travel tips from folks who are in the midst of their journeys. Did a local let you know about a hidden beachside bar? Did you stumble upon the greatest view in the city? What's the best way to get across town? Answers to these types of not-for-guidebooks questions abound on this unique site that acts as a sort of Inside Baseball for seasoned travelers. We spoke with founder Melvin Böcher about the site, how it started, and what the future holds.
    The Trip Tribe: What’s the creation story of Traveldudes?... Continue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: La Carmina

La Carmina, travel TV host, gothic blogger
With big doe eyes blinking seemingly innocently under an outrageous head of brightly colored hair, La Carmina is anything but shy... and every bit of intriguing as she appears to be. The 20-something blogger, TV host, author, producer, and overall world traveler just about does it all -- from seeking out the world's greatest Goth sights, to bringing intriguing places right into your home via your television. La Carmina, travel TV host, gothic blogger We asked La Carmina about some of her favorite stories, her fascination with Goth destinations, and how she culturally tweaks her style wherever she goes.
    The Trip Tribe: You have a bit of a goth-theme in your travel coverage. Is there some sort of particularly similar thread that runs through the goth culture on a worldwide level that drives people to travel to experience it? ... Continue Reading