Ambassador Testimonial
Jenna Pfingston

Filling up my retreat 8 months prior to it happening was motivated by 'believing' it could happen. Continue Reading

Aerial Yoga? Yep, we’ve got it!

Aerial yoga is one of the most versatile styles around. It can also be one of the more difficult ones to find... Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Book a Yoga Retreat Now

By Tiffany Anderson Perhaps you've done the all-inclusive resort vacay and thought, "how different could a yoga retreat be?" You'll have of your food/shelter/water needs taken care of -- maybe less cocktails and more vinyasa, but close enough, right? Well, not really. We may be biased here at Trip Tribe, but here are five reasons that a Yoga Retreat surpasses other vacations. Fewer Cocktails, More Vinyasa We were not kidding above. On a yoga retreat you can expect less drinking, more ... Continue Reading

How to Become an All Star Ambassador

When an exceptional instructor leads a top-notch retreat with us they enter the realm of All Star Ambassador. As a thank you to our All Stars, we're sending them on a little trip to a high-end luxury resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. Continue Reading

Meet All-Star Ambassador Ingrid Nelson

Ingrid Nelson
When it came time to create her retreat, fitness instructor Ingrid Nelson decided not to hold back... Continue Reading

Meet All-Star Ambassador Jenny Finkel

Jenny Tribe in Punta Cana
When Jenny Finkel arrived at the five-star luxury resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in February, the first thing she did was stuff incredible goodie bags for her guests... well that, and finish off some rum-filled coconuts... Continue Reading

Retreat Tips from All-Star Ambassador Kimberlea Smarr

Kim Smarr in Tulum
When Kimberlea Smarr led her first Trip Tribe retreat to Costa Rica last May, her students had such a good time that many of them followed her to Tulum this past February for her second Trip Tribe retreat. Now, she's planning her third... What makes this yoga instructor extraordinaire such a successful retreat leader? Continue Reading

Retreat Tips from All-Star Ambassador Desiree Nathanson

This past January, fitness guru and Trip Tribe Ambassador Desiree Nathanson led a group on her fitness-fueled Paddleboard and Yoga Retreat to the sun-drenched beaches of Jamaica. Here's how she filled her trip... Continue Reading

8 Tips for Planning an Amazing Group Trip

Pick a location There are a zillion amazing places you'd love to visit... and a zillion and one places each of your 15 students want to visit, too. Before being bombarded with destination ideas, do some research. Make sure flights fit your group's budget, and choose a place that inspires you to lead a great trip. Your students will follow your inspiration. Confirm interest No matter how many 'likes,' re-tweets, and re-pins you get, bookings only count when someone actually, you know, books ... Continue Reading